Self-evaluation Indices

We have specified following indices and their yearly based numerical targets and also the final ones which we should reach to evaluate our research activities and also to improve our research supporting programs running at our research organization.

Indices Numerical Target
Number of Papers per year 30
Rate of Internationally Collaborated Papers ~80%~
Rate of Top 10% Papers ~20%~
Field Weighted Citation Index >1.1
Number of Concluded MOUs >20

(for the first term)
Number of Visiting Professors ~40~

(for the first term)
Number of Distinguished Professors 4

(for the first term)
Number of International Symposia including KU-KAIST Joint Symposiums per year >2
Number of International Seminars including IROAST&IRCMS Joint Seminars per year ~20~
Number of Invited Researchers per year ~25~
Number of Researchers Visiting Overseas Universities and Institutions per year ~20~
Number of Internship Students per year ~5~