The International Research Organization for Advanced Science and Technology (IROAST), which opened in April of 2016, is one of the Centers of Excellence in Kumamoto University and promotes world class, cutting-edge research in science and technology. It features a standardized international research environment with several established global collaborations and utilizes a tenure track based personnel system.

IROAST is located in Kumamoto University’s South Kurokami Campus with the following university institutes: the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST), the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, the Institute of Pulsed Power Science (IPPS), the Magnesium Research Center (MRC) and the Center for Water Cycle, Marine Environment and Disaster Management (CWMD). Global collaborations will be brought into IROAST through cooperation and integration with these institutes.

The aims of IROAST are the further promotion of international collaborations to establish international research networks in specific areas described below, recruitment and development of young excellent researchers, promotion of ongoing cutting-edge research projects, and initiation of innovative interdisciplinary research projects. To achieve these goals, we will create strong international networks of researchers, especially in the following four advanced areas of science and technology: Nano Material Science, Green Energy, Environmental Science and Advanced Green Bio.

To import excellent minds in these areas, we have employed tenure-track and postdoc researchers from around the world. Successful tenure-track candidates will be promoted to tenured posts at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology or our other related institutions after qualification at IROAST. Whenever there is a vacancy in a tenure-track position, a new researcher will be recruited to maintain and widen IROAST’s range of research activities. The organization will invite world-leading researchers as Distinguished Professors or Visiting Professors to perform collaborative research, hold international seminars, and provide intensive lectures for graduate students. A new system has been designed to send young faculty members from the graduate school to overseas universities and institutions to enlarge the international joint research networks of IROAST.

The ultimate goal of IROAST is to act fully and globally as a hub of world-class, cutting-edge research alongside the Magnesium Research Center and the Institute of Pulsed Power where Kumamoto University has been already recognized as one of the leading institutions in the world.